I thought for this blog I would let y'all into my past a bit. There are times when I think back on my childhood and remember it being a blast and then times when I remember it being hard. My siblings and I grew up poor. My dad was a trucker and in the 90s it was one of the least paying jobs in America. I can remember eating ramen for dinner and a biscuit for breakfast. I remember being so embarrassed in the lunch line when the lady asked for my card and I didnt have to give her money like my friends b/c I recieved free lunches, but then once I get past the bad things the good things shine through like a blaze.

We used to have this old rusty oldsmobile cutlass. It was baby poo yellow and constantly veered to the right. I shattered the back passenger side window just by closing the door after getting dropped off for school. So, my dad went home, patched it up with duct tape and a trash bag (black might I add). We still roll with laughter when we talk about it.

My siblings and I were constantly outside, and we had a big oak tree in the front yard. We once asked my dad for some rope to make a rope swing, then next day he came home with eighteen wheeler load straps and told us to have fun. That swing is still there when I pass by that old trailer.

Shopping is one of my most favorite things to do, but I do it smart. Being the oldest, I got a lot of priviledges like going shopping with my mom without the other kids. She taught me that we could have really nice things, and never have to pay full price. We went shopping once a month, and she would always buy me a Frozen coke to sip while we shopped. I would drink that thing so slow b/c I wanted it to last as long as possible.

I remember playing in the dirt in the back yard and making tunnels and bridges for my brothers' toy cars. Playing chool was one of our favorites, and I would take my books and make check out charts in each of them for my siblings to borrow.

When I was 15, after making the Regional honor band, I was asked to audition for State. My mom and I rode with another student and her mother and stayed in the hotel with them. My mom got a call right before my audition that a tree had fell on the house during a thunderstorm and destroyed almost everything. She didnt tell me until after my audition. We again had to start from scratch.

It is wierd thinking back on those times b/c my parents now live in a really nice trailer in a really nice neighborhood. They have two nice vehicles, and most of their children are thriving on their own (my brother still lives at home).

Truly, I believe I had the best childhood ever. We were very close, and I was loved.

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    Sarah said...

    I loved reading this about you.

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