and do a tribute to 2008

I started the year with dreams of the baby growing in me. I dreamed of a sweet blue-eyed girl with raven hair. Alas, I did not get my girl, but nothing pales the love I have for my son. Though I did luck out and got the blue eyes and raven hair :wink:. At exactly the middle of year, our little family grew one more. Brayden is everything I could have asked for in a baby, and DH and I love laughing and playing with him more and more everyday! Who knew being a mom would be so rewarding?!?

As for my weight goal, I still have quite a ways to go, and I have fallen off the wagon twice so far for the holidays. I am darn proud of my 20lb loss, and hope to lose more in the days to come. DH is doing great with his 15lb loss as well!

I have lost touch with my best friends over this year, but I saw that coming. I am not into talking guys and going out anymore. I did, however, gain some of the greatest online friends a gal could ask for!!

I see this coming up year as one of new memories, new obstacles, and beautiful adventure of the unknown.