Ok, so don't throw beets at me, but after being four miles from our hotel on the way to Jazzfest, DH and I realized we forgot the camera on the bed. So, the jazzfest pics are all on his Microchip for his phone, and he has been getting home at 11pm everynight this week. I plan on getting those pics on Sunday and will update this thread when I get them done.

Now, forward ho'....lol

After much walking and sun from Jazzfest on Friday, DH and I decided to sleep in until right before check out on Saturday and then adventure around the French Quarter until our legs fell off or until sun down, which ever came first...lol. The entrance to the Riverwalk was a block from our hotel, so we did some shopping and caught lunch. It was so nice walking, holding hands, and talking. We would sit occasionally and just watch the boats and ships pass by. Around 1pm we arrived at the French Quarter, and being the woman that I am, I wanted to walked into every shop...well, except for the sports memorabilia one :). we were able to get some stuff for Christmas presents. I have to say, my favorite part about the French Quarter was the street vendors. I have never seen so much handmade items all at on place. It was like I was in heaven.

The atmosphere is so relaxed and calm. There is no one there that is in a hurry, and the vendors gladly let you peruse their things. The art is amazing and beautiful. All around the park fence, artists hang their work for sale, and they sit there painting while you walk around just looking. Horse drawn buggies are waiting in a line for you if you wish to take a ride. Around 2:30pm we popped into Cafe Du Monde for a snack and a very much needed potty break. We both decided to have Beignets (Ben-yays) and to share a Coke. They were DIVINE!!!! And really, they just made us even more hungry.

We walked down to the French Market, where you can just about find anything. We walked and walked all around the booths of Mardi gras masks, voodoo dolls, homemade home decor, books, jewelry, dresses, and so so much. We must have stayed there forever just shopping (and spending too much money...lol).

To cap off the night, we to the Market Cafe, which we went to before on our way to Georgia to evacuate from Hurricane Ike. We shared a seafood platter that had fried Jumbo Shrimp, Fried Oysters, and Fried Catfish all on top of fries. Oh, and a Louisiana Lemonade ;). It was seriously the best ever, and we were so full.

We trecked back to our car that was parked at the hotel 8 miles, and headed home. We had so much fun and enjoyed each others company so much. It was a much needed break, even though I miss Brayden tons.

When we got home, Brayden was sleeping, but I couldnt resist getting him out of his bed just to hold him while he slept. Around 11pm he woke up, and smile the beautifullest smile ever. It was as if to say, Mommy, I am so glad you are home. He stayed up for about 45 mins, and did not want to be with anyone else. I loved it.

Headed out to start our day

The notorious Bourbon Street (not so crazy in the daylight hours mind you)

An apartment in the French Quarter

St. Luis Cathedral and Art

St. Luis up close

Pic of the Sanctuary (yes, I did sit on the floor to get this shot)

Palm Reader

Trombone Player


Cafe Du Monde Beignets (covered in powdered sugar)

Num Num!

Powder sugar fiend

Pouting because My beignets somehow disappeared

Tuck in a toy store!



Louisiana Lemonade



Street Vendors


At my mom's house picking up Brayden, look at that smile!

We came home to a hot house, so Dh and I stayed up waiting for our room to cool down (Brayden has a fan in his room that was going all weekend for some reason). I checked the kitties' water and food and went to unload the suitcase. When I went to turn out the lights to go to bed, this is what I saw.

Can you tell me which one is the piggy?