So, this is the time where I claim to be a horrible blogger, and bow down to all my 9 followers and ask for mercy. There....done..

Where have I been you might ask? I have been existing and that is about all. It really is as sad as it sounds. After hearing a wonderful message on faith and healing, I came away from church yesterday feeling invigorated and refreshed. I truly think that I have had PPD (Post-pardum Depression) these last few months, and have been trying vehementantly to deny the heck out of it. Why? I don't really know. Will I just pop out of it suddenly and go back to the happy go luck woman and mother that I once was, no. It will be a long and trying process.

At this point, I don't want to commit to anything b/c we all know that I commit to things very flippantly and then quit a few months down the road. I want to be happy again, to wake up and want to be a mother and a wife to the two most amazing people I know.

I will be reading the book of James this week, and acutally studying it. Not reading it like a novel like I was prone to do before. Did you know the book of James was not written by the apostle James, but by James, Jesus' brother. It takes on a whole new meaning now, right? Imagine living under the shadow of the Son of God. Phew!

Will I promise to be a better blogger now? I don't think so, not promise, but I do not want to stay away. Feelings and emotions are so much better expressed than suppressed, so maybe I will use them here, to get them off my chest perhaps.

I am sorry to those that have been worried about me, especially Caleb and my mom.

Things are looking up. (And I mean that in a literal sense :-))