The best onesie EVER!!!



I was able to get 30 minutes of sewing in yesterday, which never happens. Dh and I got Brayden the Sign and See DVD, and Brayden loves it. He has never really paid attention to the TV before, but now he is fascinated. I will have to post a video later. I also put it on this morning while I was getting ready for work. Usually Brayden plays on my bed, and I keep an eye on him, but with the DVD I just put him in his exersaucer and away he went!

So, thank you so much makers of Baby Einstein, you have made my life so much easier in the mornings.

Brayden watching a movie!

Brayden has taken to pooping every day, and most times twice a day! No wonder he isnt gaining weight. As soon as he eats half of it projectile vomits everywhere and 12 hours later what is left comes out the other end!!!

This is so frustrating. I would at least like him to get out of the 25% range and at least into the 50%.

I want to give a HUGE shout out to little miss Holly Allen! I am a follower of her blog and her precious twin boys! Yesterday, I was veiwing her blog and low and behold she has a new etsy shop. So, I go perusing and find a painting that is named Brayden in Brown with a little boy in brown shorts carrying a monkey (I call Brayden my little monkey b/c he is so hairy)! I was beyond excited, and went to immediately gobble it up with my She is a really talented artist, and all proceeds go to her little boy's helmet and treatment! Please consider hopping over to! You won't be disappointed!


Leigh Anne, I plugged you on Twinfatuation's blog, and I am participating too!


Here I am 5years old. Predicting what my baby will eventually look like. :-) Enjoy!


I have this kid on my myspace that I went to church with a few years ago. I would put his age at 12-13 now, but his myspace says he is 40?!? Anyway, he is constantly updating his status to say "text me...###-####". I wrote him a message telling him that it is not a good idea to do that. His reply was, "My myspace is private." I told him private or not, people can still hack your computer. Ugh...why does this child need a myspace or better yet a cell phone!? When I was 12, I was much more interested in playing with dolls and riding my bike.

What is with parents these days, why are they allowing their children to grow up so fast?

that make me so sleepy. Maybe it is the lack of stimulation at work, so it may that it is foggy, rainy and cold outside. I did not feel like getting up this morning, so I waited until the last minute and did not have time to put on makeup or make my hair look pretty. I am in DHs Dallas Cowboys Hoodie and jeans. Bleh...I still have laundry to do. I am sure it will be staring me down when I walk in the door.

Caleb and I did dishes together last night, and it was sweet. I love when he helps me like that even though he may have had a hard day as well. We have made a pact to stay at home this week and weekend, so my days of being lazy are only going to increase (Sweet right?!?). I adore lazy days and really treasure them. I may just do half of the laundry tonight and read a book...who knows?

Caleb got his school schedule for this semester, and it is horrible. bleh...I wish he could get a nice schedule just once! MWF 10-12 and TTH 12-3....which puts him working 1-10 on MWF and split shift on TTH. I would LOVE to be able to go to the weekday services at church, but that looks like a no go again this semester. The good news is that after this semester he only has 12 credit hours left which is one Summer semester and half a fall semester!!!! I can't wait until he is no longer in school. It is a strain on gas, finances, and time. I miss my hubby coming home at 5pm!!!!

Anyways...thanks for letting me jabber on :-)

I want to seriously rip out my sinuses.

That is all.

Yesterday was Brayden's 6 month birthday. I find it hilarious that every New Years Day will be his half birthday :-). He is getting so big, and it amazes me how fast the time has flown. I remember the stressful anticipation the day that I had Brayden. All my fears disappeared the moment I held him in my arms. Caleb and I have been so blessed to have a healthy, happy little boy.

Here are a couple of milestones we have accomplished:

-sitting up unassisted (last week)
-sayng our first word, mama (5 1/2 months)
- Army crawling (5 months)
- Eating Solids (Christmas)

Brayden and I both have colds and stuffy noses. It breaks my heart to have to use the aspirator b/c he screams and now knows what that little blue bulb does. We slept so well last night, but it was an ordeal getting him to bed b/c he felt so awful. I hope it passes soon!

A couple of pics:

our first haircut



Our family photoshoot!