As I have gotten older, I have come to the conclusion that it is ok to be me. I am wierd I admit it. I eat plain noodles with grated parmesan cheese, I actually like to mow the lawn, and you would be really surprised to hear my thoughts when someone is having a seroius conversation with me. Have you ever back tracked your thoughts and wondered how you ever got to the thought of ice skating rabbits? Yeah, that's me.

Throughout high school and most of college, I would take offense to those faces that would look at me strangely after I made an off the wall comment, but now...not so much. It amazes me how much I have changed since last stepping foot on Bronco ground (my old high school mascot). How much more will I start liking myself in the years to come?

All I know is that I love me, and I wouldnt want to be anyone else!

I think I am at a point in my life that I am ready to get rid the negative aspects of it. After beating myself up for so long over things that I had no control over, it really is time for me to just let go. Just sitting here looking at my little boy playing at my feet makes me think about all the things I want to change about myself. I surely do not want him growing up feeling insecure or guilty.

God is truly SO good, and has given me so much that I am grateful for! And I know, that with Him I can fix my wrongs.

Thank you Lord for watching over me even when I wasn't watching You.

There are quite a few things that will gross out your parents. However, there is one thing that is beyond apalling, and will come as a shock to your mommy and daddy if done correctly. So, I am here to give you the best tutorial possible in order to help you thoroughly disgust your parent.

Step One: Learn fine motor skills. Specifically the Pincer Grasp. It will seriously come in handy.

Step Two: Learn to be quiet after waking from a nap. None of that whiny business. This task must be done in silence.

Step Three: Wiggle and squirm during a diaper change so that your parent is too annoyed to put clothes on you.

Step Four: Make your parent very happy by taking a long nap. One to two hours is the standard.

Step Five: While sleeping, or immediately after, use that lovely diaper to deposit a nice stinky present (you know which one I am talking about :wink:).

Step Six: Use step one to open the diaper and "explore" your findings.

Step Seven: Be gracious and share your finding with your toes, hair, privates, oh, and even your bed and paci!

Step Eight: Grin and giggle as your mommy or daddy walks in. Pay special attention to thier shocked face!!!

Note: This mission and accomplishment of it will bring you ample bathtime!!!

Yes, this is what happened to me today. I am still recovering.......

My little monkey was dropped off at my sister's house this morning. I was telling her about his diaper rash and how to put a cloth wipe inbetween his bum and the cloth diaper after putting the diaper cream. I showed her his snacks, and which he should have with lunch and which after he wakes from a nap.

I turned to give him a hug and he had already scampered off to play. I smiled, and said, "bye bye baby!" He looked up at me, said, "bye," went back to playing, and my heart broke just a little.

How did this little baby become so independant so quickly?

We have been house sitting for my Aunt this past week, and I can tell you that nothing beats coming home. I can sit in my chair that feels so comfy and soft, and I can organize everything unnecessarily, and find the pots and pans that I need when I need them. We made good use of the pool and little Monkey loved having a big "Bap"

So, now I am back sitting in my chair and DH sitting at the desk, each on their own computer. I really do love this time, because it's not like we are ignoring each other b/c if he sees a crazy video on youtube he will show it to me, and I will talk to him about a blog I read.

I love how we are so comfortable in silence. The best way to explain it is that we dont HAVE to talk unless there is something to talk about. I dont feel an incessant need to make conversation, nor does he.

Right now, I am taking a break from facebook and organizing a copious amount of pics. I really do need to get all of Monkey's newborn pics from my mom, because right now I have a few of his birth and then none until 2 months old, which is when we came back home. I love looking through pics, and like any good OCD gal, I also love

In this moment, I hope that Monky sleeps through the night so that DH and I can have a few hours to zone out.