We have been house sitting for my Aunt this past week, and I can tell you that nothing beats coming home. I can sit in my chair that feels so comfy and soft, and I can organize everything unnecessarily, and find the pots and pans that I need when I need them. We made good use of the pool and little Monkey loved having a big "Bap" everyday...lol.

So, now I am back sitting in my chair and DH sitting at the desk, each on their own computer. I really do love this time, because it's not like we are ignoring each other b/c if he sees a crazy video on youtube he will show it to me, and I will talk to him about a blog I read.

I love how we are so comfortable in silence. The best way to explain it is that we dont HAVE to talk unless there is something to talk about. I dont feel an incessant need to make conversation, nor does he.

Right now, I am taking a break from facebook and organizing a copious amount of pics. I really do need to get all of Monkey's newborn pics from my mom, because right now I have a few of his birth and then none until 2 months old, which is when we came back home. I love looking through pics, and like any good OCD gal, I also love organizing...lol.

In this moment, I hope that Monky sleeps through the night so that DH and I can have a few hours to zone out.

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