that make me so sleepy. Maybe it is the lack of stimulation at work, so it may that it is foggy, rainy and cold outside. I did not feel like getting up this morning, so I waited until the last minute and did not have time to put on makeup or make my hair look pretty. I am in DHs Dallas Cowboys Hoodie and jeans. Bleh...I still have laundry to do. I am sure it will be staring me down when I walk in the door.

Caleb and I did dishes together last night, and it was sweet. I love when he helps me like that even though he may have had a hard day as well. We have made a pact to stay at home this week and weekend, so my days of being lazy are only going to increase (Sweet right?!?). I adore lazy days and really treasure them. I may just do half of the laundry tonight and read a book...who knows?

Caleb got his school schedule for this semester, and it is horrible. bleh...I wish he could get a nice schedule just once! MWF 10-12 and TTH 12-3....which puts him working 1-10 on MWF and split shift on TTH. I would LOVE to be able to go to the weekday services at church, but that looks like a no go again this semester. The good news is that after this semester he only has 12 credit hours left which is one Summer semester and half a fall semester!!!! I can't wait until he is no longer in school. It is a strain on gas, finances, and time. I miss my hubby coming home at 5pm!!!!

Anyways...thanks for letting me jabber on :-)

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    Leigh Anne said...

    i love lazy days! and i here dh has been studying for the cpa exam & though he's home, he's always in a book haha...almost there...

  1. ... on January 10, 2009 at 10:05 PM