I have this kid on my myspace that I went to church with a few years ago. I would put his age at 12-13 now, but his myspace says he is 40?!? Anyway, he is constantly updating his status to say "text me...###-####". I wrote him a message telling him that it is not a good idea to do that. His reply was, "My myspace is private." I told him private or not, people can still hack your computer. Ugh...why does this child need a myspace or better yet a cell phone!? When I was 12, I was much more interested in playing with dolls and riding my bike.

What is with parents these days, why are they allowing their children to grow up so fast?

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    Anonymous said...

    This is another fine example of how the younger generation may be tech savvy, but they certinly aren't life savvy. How come his parents don't know about it? Have you told them?

    I hear you about the age thing. Ther eis a huge gap. A 12 year old doesn't need a cell phone, let alone a MySpace page.

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  2. The Blonde Duck said...

    I read an article today about girls getting bikini waxes and facials at eight. It's ridiculous.

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  4. Khourt said...

    Uh I so agree with you! I am often accused of sheltering my children from a lot of stuff but I would rather them have morals and values than try to do things to fit in with others. I cant believe how absent some parents can be or even that some parents allow this kind of stuff.

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  6. Jodie said...

    lol your post is so true!

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