I have been on this self motivation kick lately. Everyday when I get home, I take Brayden out fo his car seat, play with him for 15 minutes on my lap and then start dinner, wash the dishes from breakfast, pick up the room and closet, and start a load of clothes if needed. Once Brayden is down for the night around 7:30pm, I am able to do what my heart desires! these past few days I have been sewing and then two nights ago I put together the invites for work, but last night was completely different.

I spent 4 hours clipping coupons and looking at the circulars. I am pretty sure that I found great deals, but I wont really know until I go shopping. B/C I spent so much time on the coupons, my sink is full, DH had to put away the left overs, and the floor are filthy with rirtz crumbs. Sigh...I thought this was supposed to be easy and take very little time?

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