I thought I would get some therapy out of my blog and take time to release things that annoy me or make me angry. Please dont take this to think that I am a negative person. The passive aggressive side of me needs to get these things out.

1. Elitest know-it-alls. You may know a lot, but you really dont have to tell me what you think is best for my child.

2. People interupting me while reading or while I am trying to concentrate. If I do not acknowledge that you walked into my office, please dont start rambling away while I am trying to get some reports done.

3. After sweeping and mopping, my sons onesie still comes out of the wash dingy and brown.

4. Dropping off Brayden 30min trip, Going to work 30 min trip, picking up Brayden 30min trip, Going home 30min trip.

5.I have no polish remover and only half of my toenails have paint.

6. My hair is in the wierd stage where it is not quite long enough to be in a full ponytail.

7. AF is supposed to show Monday, enough said.

8. My earliest bedtime this weekend was 11:30pm

9. Ice cream is my vice.

10. I started running out of negatie thoughts, buthad to make a tenth one b/c I am borderline OCD, and cannot end on an odd number.

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