I did a little happy dance in my bathroom. I ran to give my husband a hug. I smiled all day! There is just something about setting goals and meeting them that makes a person feel strong, empowered.

When I stepped on the scale, I wasn't expecting a big drop. I knew I was eating in my calorie range and was working out plenty, but I also knew that my body was not in the habit of letting go. The excitement of seeing that 1 in front instead of the 2 was exhilarating!

So, goodbye 200s and hello 100s!

My reward? A full pedicure. :)

Want your body to change? Push it.

I have been working out and eating right for exactly one month now. In that month, I have lost 4 inches off my waist, 1 inch off my hips, and 9 lbs off my body. I feel great, and have so much more energy. A week ago, I reached a plateau. My weight was not moving, and my inches hadn't changed for two weeks. Did that get me down? NO! It got me motivated.

I started biking every morning for 30 minutes. That enabled my body, and I lost another lb in 2 days. So knowing this, I stepped it up tonight and added a 30 minute aerobic dance video to my routine. I could feel my body burning. I could feel my muscles moving, and it hurt. But, BUT!!! I was having fun. I knew that this was helping. Truly, what else was I going to do, sit on the couch and watch another episode off the DVR? LAME!

Here is moving, grooving, and losing!!!

Today, while packing snacks to come to work I had an epiphany.

On Wednesdays (yesterday), Caleb and I eat at church before service. The ladies there prepare awesome meals, including dessert. It takes us a while to get seated b/c we have the carseat and then Brayden's booster seat, etc. By the time I am sitting and eating, I am starving! As I eat, I am savoring and making sure to enjoy all of the flavors, and then it hit me...I was full. So, naturally I pushed my bowl away and started focusing on getting Brayden to eat "just one more bite, and then you can have your cupcake".

It wasn't until this morning that I realized what I had done. I had turned down more food. I became full before devouring an entire plate of delicious food. People this is HUGE! I am now able to listen to my body and to take heed it's cues.

After being on a two week plateau, I weighed myself this morning. 8.9lbs down! I am 1.1 lbs away from my first goal!!! What kind of reward should I give myself??