Want your body to change? Push it.

I have been working out and eating right for exactly one month now. In that month, I have lost 4 inches off my waist, 1 inch off my hips, and 9 lbs off my body. I feel great, and have so much more energy. A week ago, I reached a plateau. My weight was not moving, and my inches hadn't changed for two weeks. Did that get me down? NO! It got me motivated.

I started biking every morning for 30 minutes. That enabled my body, and I lost another lb in 2 days. So knowing this, I stepped it up tonight and added a 30 minute aerobic dance video to my routine. I could feel my body burning. I could feel my muscles moving, and it hurt. But, BUT!!! I was having fun. I knew that this was helping. Truly, what else was I going to do, sit on the couch and watch another episode off the DVR? LAME!

Here is moving, grooving, and losing!!!

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