I have been feeling down for the last few days. It has to do with my upcoming trip to New Orleans with Caleb and the fact that I will be leavign my little boy with my mom for three days. I haven't went more than 8 hours without seeing him, and even then, when it is time to leave I am all giddy thinking about the big smile I will recieve when I walk through the door. His seperation anxiety is really high right now, he actually screamed when I left this morning. I hate seeing him upset, and know that I need time to myself, but I really feel quilty about it all.

I will be missing his ten month birthday, not that its really all that signifigant, but I am upset about it nonetheless.


I am hoping to have a really great time. I know that Caelb is really looking forward to it. We have to pack tonight b/c we will be leaving right after work tomorrow. :-D I promise pics galore when I get back!!!

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