Dear sweet boy,

I cannot tell you how amazed I am with you. You constantly surprise me. You have begun to say bye-bye. It is so sweet to hear those words as I am walking out the door. You got your FOURTH hair cut, and I have to say you look so dashing. I think for your first birthday I am going to bring you to a real barber.

Some thing that we have learned over the past few months are patty cake (you do the best "throw it in the pan" ever!), peek-a-boo, and you have even started cruising around the furniture.

We dedicated you to the Lord last month, and really is was very bittersweet for me. I know that you are from me and your Daddy, but honestly, you belong to the Lord who created you in my womb. you are so sweet and sat so patiently in Pastor David's arms while he prayed over you. Daddy and I am so proud of you.

Your 9 month check up went really well. You are 17lbs 14 ozs and 26 1/2 inches long. So, you are still on the small side even though you eat like a pig. I am constantly thinking of new things that you can eat. Some of the newest that you like are over cooked noodles, leafy spinach, and baby cheetos.

You are so handsome and sweet, and we couldnt have asked for a better baby! I love you!!!



P.S. Pics to come soon!

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