I can't believe another month has passed us by. It seems like just yesterday I was announcing you Half Birthday! We spent the weekend together, and when Daddy go off of work we went to Pa-Ray's house and had gumbo, you of course had peas and rice cereal. You are getting so smart, and your favorite thing right now is Baby Einstein's My First Sign's DVD. You sit in your exersaucer and watch it over and over.

You have now found and love to entertain "the baby" in the mirror. Every time you see yourself you start to giggle and get all excited. We are trying to teach you to plan peekaboo with your burp rags, but all you do is pull it off your head and look at us like, "What did you do that for?"

You are starting to get up on your knees, and have even attempted to take a few crawling steps, but you usally end up face planting. It seems as if to you, you get around so fast scooting, that you are happy doing that instead of learning how to crawl. You are giving great big kisses now too! It melts my heart when you come at me with a big open mouth and grab my cheeks.

Mommy and Daddy are enjoying these fun, exploring months. We have so much fun taking you for walks and letting you explore things. Like Saturday morning, when you and I spent an hour outside exploring the grass. I can't wait to get a bike, so that we can explore the neighborhood!

I love you so much, and look forward to this next month of new and exciting things!



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    Khourt said...

    What a sweet letter. And too funny about the mirror. Aybra just discovered herself today. It was quite funny watching her stare at herself

  1. ... on February 3, 2009 at 4:40 PM