I would first like to introduce myself to the blogging world.

My name is Deidre, and I created this blog in an effort to release my thoughts to the world and to allow myself a place to be free. My DH (Caleb) is uber supportive of all my most recent endeavors no matter how crazy they are and tries to accept me as I am even if it is tough at times. We are parents to a beautiful baby boy (Brayden) who lights up my world with every new thing he is learning. I must say that motherhood is not as easy as I thought it would be, and raising a 4month old is becoming more and more interesting to say the least.

I am eclectic and tend to overexaggerate. Though I try not to be, I am habitually late and have an awful sense of time. I am a Virgo, which explains alot. The word Spunky pretty much sums up my character.

I forsee this blog being very theraputic, and I hope those that read it will enjoy it.

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